Dwight Howard Really Wants You To Believe He's A Changed Man

Every year it’s basically the same old story with Dwight. New team, new opportunity, and a new chance for him to show he’s a changed man and can actually help a basketball team without being a distraction. Now on his 5th team in 5 years, Dwight is doing everything he can to show that his Lakers 2.0 stint is going to be different this time. Whether it was taking the high road when Shaq and Kobe were dragging him on Twitter

to this latest sit down with Shams. I mean this isn’t an accident, this is your standard media tour that will most likely get eyeballs and hopefully people will start to change their mind about you. Melo did the same thing earlier this year with Stephen A about how he can’t get a job, and while that hasn’t really worked out for Melo it’s a different story with Dwight. Remember, this is the same player that his former GM literally could not WAIT to trade as soon as he got the job.

and it’s sort of true he’s been a distraction in every locker room he’s been in. But after watching that clip of things he would do differently I couldn’t help but laugh. Dwight basically gave a response I’m sure every one of you has given in any sort of interview for a job. What are some of your flaws? You simply care TOO much. It’s a classic line to a mostly bullshit question. So when Dwight was asked what he would do differently about his first stint in LA he doesn’t talk about cutting out the bullshit or being a better teammate or anything like that. Nope, it was that he would have waited until he was healthy because his one flaw was that he wanted to win so bad and cared about the team so much that he played while he was hurt. I mean, he did play 76 games that season which was impressive considering he was coming off back surgery but of all the issues Dwight had as a Laker the first time, it’s just funny that he starts off with the classic deflection response.

He did go on to mention another change would be doing whatever the team needed, and this is the line we’re hearing from him the most when it comes to this second stint. I guess when your NBA career is pretty much on thin ice you finally realize that at this stage of your career you have to do whatever a team needs. You’re not going to be the same dominant Dwight we saw in Orlando, most likely you’re going to be asked to set screens, rebound, and defend. That’s it. Maybe you get some lobs from LeBron or Rondo, but that’s probably it. The thing is, we’ve heard this from Dwight before and it hasn’t really worked out now has it.

In theory, this signing should work for the Lakers. It allows AD to not have to play the five which he refuses to do, and there’s no denying that Dwight can still rebound/protect the rim at a high level. Remember though, he’s been “warned” by the Lakers to cut all the bullshit

and I dunno maybe it’s just me, but if I were serious about things being different this time around I would maybe chill out with these public sit downs and just focus on basketball. Don’t talk about it, be about it. This is Dwight though, and sometimes he can’t help himself.