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People Are Mad Online That Matt Nagy Told Mitch Trubisky To Shut The Fuck Up. What's The Meanest Thing A Coach Ever Said To You

You’ll never believe it, but people on the internet are outraged. They’re outraged that a Coach would tell a football player to shut the fuck up. GASP. There are Bears fans who are ADAMENT that Nagy didn’t and wouldn’t use cuss words to Mitch. There are Packers fans who are laughing and saying there’s trouble in paradise. There are people upset and triggered that a person of authority would talk to a player like this. One little fuck bomb in Mitch’s face has caused a stir online as if that is some sort of problem. The only way this would be a problem is if you have a young coach and a sensitive malcontent veteran quarterback that everyone on the team secretly hates and that quarterback can’t even chug one beer and their passing offense kind of stinks through three games and even though they’re currently undefeated things below the surface are looking a little shaky. Not saying any names or teams, but yeah in that situation if the coach told that QB to shut the fuck up it might be a problem. With Mitch and Nagy it’s probably happened a 100 times since training camp started. That’s not even remotely mean. It’s just a thing to say.

I want to get the comment section and twitter involved in this blog. I want to hear the meanest thing a coach ever said to you while you were playing sports. I had a hockey coach in prep school who was roughly 5’4 on a good day and on skates. A little Napolean fucker. He would talk massive amounts of shit to us even and we would give it right back. That was the general relationship. One day I think he was in a bad mood on the ice probably because we sucked and I read the room wrong and made fun of his height. He replied with “oh yeah Brandell, well at least I was tall enough for a Division I scholarship. That’s something you’ll sniff, bag of shit. Get the fuck out of here” . I stood there with my mouth open for a second looking at him and it was clear that he actually wanted me, the bag of shit, to leave the ice. Didn’t cry, but had that sensation where there’s a ton of pressure right behind your eyes as you’re doing everything in your power to force the tears back down into ducts. A big part of why I left home and went to play at that school in that league was for the dream of playing college hockey. A dream that he absolutely shit on right before he threw me out of practice. That is cold blooded. It was true. I sucked, but it still hurt.

Leave your best stories in the comment section or hit me up on twitter. Maybe we’ll compile the best ones and read them on the podcast.