Wake Up With CC Sabathia Having Some Choice Words For David Ortiz After A Big K

This has to be one of the heaviest combined pitcher-hitter groups in history. CC easy over 300 pounds, same with Ortiz. That is a lot of human. This was back in 2015 with Ortiz at the plate in the middle of a game, CC reaches back and throws 94 right by Paps. Immediately Sabathia looks like he's going to go into the Ray Lewis dance. I mean he was jazzed up. He has some words for him, maybe it was "get the fuck outta here", maybe it wasn't, but it looked like it. Ortiz didn't seem to mind, he headed back to the dugout nodding his head after the swing and the miss. He knew he missed his chance. This is a fight that I would have LOVED to see. It would be a very slow fight, but if one of these guys connected it'd be lights out. Two very large men who were very, very good at their jobs.