WFAN Caller Is Jealous Of The Pope, Ask "Whose Balls Did You Have To Fondle" To Get Role In New Movie

Earlier today, the trailer for ‘Uncut Gems’ was released featuring Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett. Let’s just the trailer was beyond electric.

The numbah one part for the small niche of sports fans on Twitter was when the Pope showed up on screen:

Give him the Oscar!

Today, on radio, on which Mike Francessa has the #1 sports show in NYC, a caller asked Mike a question about how he received the role:

“Whose balls did you have to fondle to get that part.”

There’s nothing in this world like WFAN callers. I truly believe that. It may be my east coast bias showing, but they are the most special group in the entire world.

Mike should’ve said “my bawlz have been in this business 30 yeahs. The only bawlz getting fondled are mine.”