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Roger Federer's Curse-Filled Pump Up Speech Was One Of The Best Things To Happen This Weekend

I never knew I needed to hear Roger Federer cursing and hyping up his own teammate before a giant match, but I NEED more of it. That was like Dicky Eklund yelling at Micky Ward in his corner at the end of The Fighter. If Roger commands you to yell “come on” after every point, you do that. No negative bullshit. I wish I could have live bet Zverev heading into the tiebreak knowing this was the speech because I mean you just don’t lose after that. Every athlete in the world might hire Fed after he retires just to be their hype man. It’s pretty much a cheat code to winning.

There’s something to be said when someone of importance in your world does something out of character, in a good/cool way. I guess a good example is when a favorite teacher of yours in school would curse or talk about gambling instead of actual school work. It’s like the first realization that they’re human and normal people too, instead of the guy who just assigns you homework and prevents you from playing outside all day.

Well, all of this worked obviously because Zverev dominated the super tiebreak against Raonic and took home the trophy for Team Europe. I wish the Laver Cup would get more coverage because it’s fantastic. It’s stuck on the stupid Tennis Channel which is a channel I bet most of you don’t even know exists.

For those unaware, the Laver Cup has quickly become the tennis version of golf’s Ryder Cup. It’s Team Europe vs. Team World. Every player from Federer and Nadal to Kyrgios and Taylor Fritz get so into it. You have to imagine they have some kind of crazy side bet on it to get themselves so interested in a non-grandslam/non-Olympic event, but whatever it is, it’s working. They play two sets and if it’s tied after that they go to a deciding 10 point tie break. The matches are quick, the fans are nuts, and the players are the best in the world. In between end changes the teammates and coaches come up to the player and give them strategy and confidence. Seeing Nick Kyrgios do this for every player was a wild sight.

The best part of the Laver Cup is the unbreakable bromance between Fed and Nadal. I mean these guys couldn’t be more best friends if they tried.

They even go to the bathroom together.

And what I would pay to be a part of the celebration party after dinner last night. Black out drunk Federer is a man I need to witness.

P.S. Laver Cup 2020 just got announced that it’s in Boston. Holy shit.