Wisconsin Is The Most Slept On State In America

I've been to Wisconsin twice now and I can't get enough of it. Unbelievable state. Great people, great food, great bars, great vibes. The first time was back in March I went to Milwaukee to get a dancing lesson from viral sensation/Milwaukee Bucks Halftime show performer Crumbles.  While I was out there I attempted to attack "The Beast" at Sobelman's and realized that if the people of Wisconsin know one thing, it's food. I instantly fell in love with how unbelievably nice the people are and how amazing the food, bars and vibes are. This weekend I returned, this time to Madison, for the College Football Show and even though behind the scenes it was a total shit show, we had an absolute blast and the crowd was the biggest and rowdiest we've ever had by far. I had planned to drop this "Jump Around" after I gave my pick to end the show all week. Had goosebumps thinking about how electric the crowd was gonna be when they heard the beat drop. Even though it took the sound guy an eternity to press play after I said "DJ DROP THAT MOTHERFUCKER!", the place still absolutely erupted and I love them for that. God bless Madison and god bless the entire state of Wisconsin. Amazing college town and amazing state.