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Watch The Moment Lonzo Ball Finds Out He Was Traded 'Like The Rest Of Us' And Says Him And LaVar Still Aren't Talking Because Of BBB

(LaVar talk around the 11 minute mark)

This is one of the rare moments we actually get to see ‘live’ that a player is traded. It’s actually a pretty cool look into what Lonzo was thinking and his reaction. First, it matches up everything that was said in terms of him not finding out from the Lakers that he was traded. He finds out on Twitter, just like Josh Hart did:

His reaction also tells me that he knew he was going to get traded at some point. There’s no real moment of being pissed off or real surprise. It’s almost like he expected it just a matter of when. Lonzo’s always been a quiet dude and that still shows during the whole scene. He just drives, says a few things, keeps saying that he’s good and not upset about the trade.

Then there’s the call with the Brandon Ingram – a dude who posted this the moment he was traded:

But really this just continues to show how much of a mess Big Baller Brand turned out to be. I was always entertained by LaVar but thought Lonzo needed to get away from him to really have people respect his game. Yeah, I still think Lonzo is a good player even if De’Aaron Fox kicks his ass every time they play. But it also shows that Lonzo is still pissed at LaVar and LaVar is a lunatic:

My biggest takeaway still though: Brandon Ingram is so goddamn happy not to play with LeBron.