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The Future Is Here Now That We Have Helicopter Chainsaws

As a child of the 90s that grew up constantly rewatching Back To The Future II, there is a big part of me that is disappointed where we are as a species technologically in 2019. Sure the internet, smartphones, and streaming 4k porn at our fingertips are cool. But I’ve never been able to get over the lack of hoverboards in this world as well as people trying to pass this very non-hovering object as a hoverboard.


However, the Helisaw has given me faith in mankind’s ability to continue to evolve technologically in order to solve the problems presented to us at any given moment by using whatever materials are available to us. It started with a bunch of cavemen learning how to wield fire in order to stay warm and cook chili on NFL Sundays, continued once those neanderthals invented the wheel in order to transport wooly mammoth carcasses back to the cave to for said chili, and has now reached a zenith point where we can safely prune trees in tough to reach places in a manner that definitely cannot lead to deaths, electrocution, or a smattering of gruesome fatalities due to something as rare as a strong gust of wind.

Blogger’s Note: I understand there is a chance this is an old video. But I’d like to point out that I’ve seen the video of the Bills Mafia baby being put through a table go viral on like 20 different Twitter handles two years after it came out.

So all takes are ageless in this digital age of video piracy.