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Bro The Navy Literally Confirmed Aliens Are Real What Are We Even Doing Right Now?

Earlier today Chief blogged about the Navy confirming that UFOs are real. He’s been real on top of the UFO game and I respect his dedication to exposing the truths of this universe. However, this isn’t about him. This is about the rest of us. What the fuck are we doing right now? THE NAVY CONFIRMED THAT VIDEOS OF UFOs ARE REAL. TODAY. IN THE REAL WORLD. AND NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

These are the top blogs on our site right now. All great blogs, no question about it.

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Any other day I could understand these being the top five blogs at any given time. Sports, chicks, things of that nature. Really the foundation on which we were built upon. Today? What the fuck are we even doing? Why are we even talking about Le’Veon Bell? The Jets didn’t matter BEFORE aliens were confirmed real. In the post-alien world we most certainly shouldn’t be talking about the New York Jets. Actual jets we should be using for defense for the sake of humanity? Sure. The GODDAMN JETS? That’s not even just us. No one is talking about this to the level it requires. I’m looking out our office window right now and it looks like any other day. People walking around, head in their phones, going about their daily routines. It should look like INDEPENDENCE DAY or THE WALKING DEAD out there. There should be panic in the streets.

Not only did the Navy confirm UFOs are real, TOM DeLONGE OF BLINK 182 FAME IS THE ONE WHO BLEW THE LID OFF THIS ENTIRE CASE. This would be like Dog The Bounty Hunter coming up with a cure for cancer and everyone being like, “Yeah but Daniel Jones is making his debut this Sunday, what about that?” It’s INSANITY.

From Vice:

In 2017 and 2018, three videos taken by Navy pilots from their aircraft made national news. In December 2017, The New York Times ran a story about Navy pilots who intercepted a strange object off the coast of San Diego on November 14th, 2004, and managed to shoot video of the object with their F-18’s gun camera. Another video, which we now know the date of due to Greenwald’s request for information, was taken on January 21st, 2015, shows another anomalous aerial vehicle rotating as pilots comment on how strange the object is over their communication system. Months later, DeLonge, through his organization, To the Stars Academy, released a third video showing an object quickly fly over the surface of the water. That video was also recorded on January 21st, 2015 raising speculation that the two videos shot that day show the same object.

“I very much expected that when the U.S. military addressed the videos, they would coincide with language we see on official documents that have now been released, and they would label them as ‘drones’ or ‘balloons,’” Greenwald told Motherboard. “However, they did not. They went on the record stating the ‘phenomena’ depicted in those videos, is ‘unidentified.’ That really made me surprised, intrigued, excited and motivated to push harder for the truth.”

This should be the biggest story not of the day. Not of the hour. Not of the week. This is the biggest story of all time. We spent a week straight talking about Andrew Luck retiring. The Tiger Woods cheating scandal broke the record for most consecutive cover stories of the New York Post, beating out NINE ELEVEN! Aliens confirmed real? That’s nice, but Nic Cage has a new hat. Have you seen his hat? It’s a nice hat. What was that? Aliens are real? Big whoop. Who cares.

Dave was right. I’m on the aliens’ side in all of this. Humanity had a decent run, but I think it’s safe to say here and now that we were ultimately a mistake. #GoAliensGo