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Athens, Georgia... PREPARE TO BE DISAPPOINTED!!! (by me)

So the Barstool Breakfast crew is heading down to Athens, Georgia on Friday for Notre Dame vs UGA as part of the Natural Light College Football Natty Tour.

Natty Tour @ UGA (Horizontal Version2)

The schedule is moderately grueling for someone as old and fat as me.  It starts on Friday at 9 PM with a bar crawl at 3 locations…

  • General Beauregard’s

  • Silver Dollar

  • Hedges

I did a similar crawl at the University of Florida last year with Feits & KFC and wound up at a Taco Bell at 2 AM.  Well, this year, Kevin and Jon are staying at home with their adorable non-blackened livers, so I assume Willie and I will go deeper into the weeds.  I am bringing a bandolier strap filled with over-the-counter painkillers and a backpack filled with adult diapers.

The tailgate Saturday starts at noon with the Natty Light Tour Bus parked outside of Fully Loaded Pizza & Pub (1255 S Milledge Ave).


There will be giveaways, a shirtless Glenny Balls, and plenty of booze, so stop by if you are in the area. Willie will be the gigantic black guy in spiked shoulder pads, and I will be the exhausted and sunburnt bald guy wearing this little beauty that came in the mail today…


Been talking about this trip a fair amount on the radio and the recommendations for food and booze spots outside of Natty's schedule has been vast.

We nailed it down to these locations…

Bar South
Nowhere Bar
Blue Sky
Last Resort
Seabear Oyster Bar
Mama’s Boy
Saucehouse BBQ
Weaver D’s
Dawg Gone Good BBQ
Home Made
and an overwhelming amount of people told me to sample the snapper at Topper's, but I'll probably pass…


Please let us know if there's somewhere else in Athens that we absolutely NEED to try.

This is as good a time as any to insert a pic of a random UGA co-ed, I suppose…


In the past half-century, I have been to hundreds of traditional college tailgates, and I know from past experience that SEC schools do an especially good job.  However, from what the venerable Brandon Walker has told me, Athens is a unique experience because its downtown area's most famous attribute is having more bars per capita than any other city in the country… 80 bars in a single square mile… All walking distance from campus… All FILLED TO THE FUCKING BRIM with college girls who are ready to dance.


As a result I'm excited, Willie is excited, Glenny Balls is shirtless (again), Pat is terrified, and UGA starting QB Jake Fromm's mom is what she is…


And we'll all be down South this weekend with Natty Light.

Wish me luck and take a report.