Marc Gasol Cannot Stop Winning Titles And Chugging On Parade Floats

Who has it better than Marc Gasol right now? I mean this is an all time run he’s having and it has me jealous as hell. His life since February has been insane, going from a tanking rebuilding team to an NBA Finals contender, winning an NBA title, and then a FIBA title for good measure

Not only that, but after Spain pulled off FIBA gold, the internet pretty much declared Gasol was a lock for the Hall Of Fame. What a run by any measure. It’s also been great to see Gasol embrace his inner Gronk during these championship parades as well. Here we have him slamming a beer like a champ should, and who could forget when he look a bottle of wine to the dome during the Raptors parade

if there’s one thing we can now bank on it’s that if Marc Gasol wins a championship he’s going to chug his face off. Hell even his longtime teammate Mike Conley said if the Jazz win a title he’s going to do the exact same thing. There’s just something awesome about these longtime players finally breaking through and celebrating like this that makes the moment so much better.

I’m not even going to comment on how long it took Gasol to slam that beer because things are too good for him right now. Let him enjoy the moment. I can’t think of a NBA player in recent memory who has had a turnaround like this, and seeing as how Toronto isn’t exactly being talked about as a Finals contender this season and Team USA will probably bring it’s good players to the Olympics, it may be a while before we see Gasol getting fucked up on a parade float again. In the meantime, he is a man that is clearly living his best life.