The Greatest Inventions Ever: Air Conditioning, Remote Control, This Motorized Couch For Tailgating

This is without a doubt something I need and need instantly. This is arguably the greatest invention ever. I don’t think anything will top air conditioning, the remote control or the Internet, but this is up there. You know why? Because the older you get the more you just want to sit your ass down and drink some beers.

Well now you can do that while still being at the tailgate? Sign me the fuck up. I love tailgating. Put me in any of the lots or the old bowl by Commonwealth Stadium and I’m the happiest dude in the world. A nice cold beer, passing around some bourbon, tunes blasting and games being played. Top-1 thing in the world if you ask me.

But now? Don’t get me wrong. I love tailgating, but I love my recliner and couch even more. I remember being down in Tuscaloosa in 2008 for a UK/Alabama game and seeing the motorized scooters Bama fans had. I thought that was something. This tops that.

Put this motorized scooter in the invention Hall of Fame – first ballot.