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Victoria's Secret Model, Josephine Skriver, Is NOT Your Typical Raiders Fan

When I think of a Raiders fan, I immediately picture this man:

Kanss City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders

He’s in the Black Hole, drunk, screaming, and cursing, all while surrounded by other drunk, terrifying people. He is THE definition of a Raiders fan.

But maybe it’s time we redefine what a Raiders fan looks like.

I mean Josephine Skriver is SUCH a fan, she even watches the game on her laptop while in Florence, presumably doing model things.

And even when she’s dressed like she belongs in the Black Hole, she looks good.

With all the drama that’s surrounded the Raiders lately, I don’t know why the organization hasn’t taken a page of the Texas handbook and made Skriver the Minister of Culture.

I’m sure she could boost morale just a little bit.