Tyson Fury Just Won An Incredibly Dramatic Fight With A NAAAASTY Cut

Alright, so I’m sure Barstool’s Boxing Correspondent Large will have more on this fight tomorrow, and it’ll probably get some real estate on Barstool Breakfast on Monday, but I just wanted to throw up a quick blog to talk about how awesome that fight was! I know the boxing purists out there will be all, “Robbie, Tyson Fury easily won that fight and Otto Wallin just landed a couple lucky shots. What are you talking about?!”, but that main event unexpectedly captured my imagination in all of the ways I love a heavyweight fight to do so.

C’mon – a 30-to-1 underdog cuts open the lineal heavyweight champ of the world bad enough for the fight to be stopped the moment it was opened up…THAT early on?! Very quickly, the story of the fight went from, “This is stupid and shouldn’t be happening, Fury is gonna murk him, bring on Wilder/Fury II”, to, “Holy shit, is Wilder/Fury II in jeopardy right now?! Can Fury’s cutman close that gash?! Can he get away with shoving glob after glob of vaseline into it to survive?!”

We got to watch a ringside commentator inform Fury’s corner that the gash was officially from a clean punch as they were under the impression it was from an accidental headbutt, which was awesome, and Fury even sorta got rocked in the twelfth and final round after DOMINATING the latter half.

Oh, and how am I forgetting the fact that Wallin went full-on “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and raked the eyes/cut of Fury after the bell?! This fight had it all!

Plus, the insane five-minute-twelve-second “walkout” of the “Gypsy King”, which I blogged about while the two were in the ring…

Now, let’s just pray to the Boxing Gods that nothing crazy happens during Wilder/Ortiz, and we finally get ourselves Wilder/Fury II in February. Need that fight.