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Tyson Fury Just Had One Of The More Utterly Ridiculous Walkouts I've Ever Seen

The “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury is currently in the center of the ring at the T-Mobile Arena, competing in what should be an easy defense of his “lineal” heavyweight championship, but my attention is elsewhere right now. My attention is here, writing this blog, because I need to get Tyson Fury’s journey to the ring in front of as many eyes as possible. I described it as a Mexican version of Apollo Creed’s walkout from ‘ROCKY IV’, but you’ve really got to see it to believe it. Homeboy took Mexican Independence Day Weekend to another level!

Wearing a poncho, sombrero, and sporting maracas, Fury was wheeled out on a platform that also featured a Mexican singer and band performing him out to the ring. Smoke, lights, dancing, elaborate costumes – I actually don’t know how one could think about the task at hand with all of that going on, but hey – tremendous! Well…I think it’s tremendous. It may be cultural appropriation come tomorrow morning, in which case, I’m sure Deadspin will DEMAND he apologizes!!!

Pretty sure he’s just trying to pay respect, tho. I loved it. Back to the fight!