Antonio Brown Posts a Video from TB12 Fitness. And it's ... um, Interesting? I Guess?

Well alright then. This is a good sign I suppose. Antonio Brown never was the Martin Scorcese of selfie videos. He could still work on his framing and composition. But it’s full of the kinds of messages of positivity you’d expect from someone who’s pretty embattled right now, to put it mildly. Talking about the hate. Going to work. Acknowledging Alex Guerrero. Reading all the inspiring messages on the walls at TB12 Fitness. Mentioning love, dedication and focus. Dragging God into the conversation.

You know. The usual. This is a couple of heart emojis and a picture of a sunset away from being one of those affirming, nonsensical messages that influencers post about living to the fullest and exploring each day with wonder and adventure or whatever. But given that his last communication included gems such as, “I jack my dick on your back!” and “Using God alias fake ass hoe u n ya momma thought y’all hoes had a come up fuck out a here don’t write my team,” his words are practically a Khalil Gibran poem by comparison.

I’m not sure what to make of his idea of a Team USA football program. Maybe he’s right and it would promote some positive press for guys like him. I just don’t know when they’d play. Or who. And I’m guessing that positive publicity would end as soon as Aaron Donald and Bobby Wagner straight up kill a half a dozen members of Team Luxembourg on the opening possession. But then again, I was against the World Baseball Classic too. And look at how everyone can’t get enough of it.

So as a return to social media goes, Mr. Big Chest could’ve done worse. My advice to him is that maybe he ought to just stay off it for a while. Just put the phone away. Get into the playbook. And just remember that he works for a guy who doesn’t do SnapFace, InstaChat, MyFace or Pandorama. And as we’ve seen before, no good ever comes of these videos.