Does This Look Like The Face Of A Baltimore Man Who Chose Vegetable Lasagna As His First Meal After 40 Years In Jail?


The Sun — Former Black Panther leader Marshall “Eddie” Conway walked free Tuesday after  spending four decades behind bars for killing a Baltimore police officer — making his one of the highest-profile cases affected by a high court decision  that has cut short prison sentences for dozens of felons in recent years. Conway, now 67, always said he was innocent, citing political motives in the  prosecution of a 1970 shooting that killed Officer Donald Sager, 35, and injured  another officer. Over the years many supporters, including prominent Baltimore  politicians, have joined his cause. Police union officials and Sager’s family said they still believe Conway was  guilty. But prosecutors — faced with the prospect of retrying a more than  40-year-old case built on the testimony of a fellow police officer and a  jailhouse interview — said they could not have convicted him again. Conway walked out of the courthouse at about 3 p.m., and then went to a  friend’s house to eat a plate of vegetable lasagna with his two sons and other  supporters, according to Dominique Stevenson, a longtime advocate who co-wrote a book with Conway.

I can’t speak to the specifics of this murder case 40 years ago. But I can for certain speak to this man’s character. Without question this man is a cold-blooded murderer. All you have to do is look at his dietary palate. Mr. Conway here has been eating gruel sandwiches, gruel omelettes, nothing but gruel for four decades now. Gruel in the morning, gruel in the evenings, gruel at supper time. And then his first meal out of the clink was vegetable lasagna. Let that sink in. The world was his oyster. He literally could’ve stuffed his face with any delicious meal on the planet, and he chose veggie lasagna. If the word vegetable is in the name of that first meal, you’re sure as shit a murderer. Forget age-old testimony and shaky jailhouse interviews, all the evidence prosecutors needed was on his plate a half hour after they let him leave.


This blog would be incomplete without a comprehensive list of the best meals you could eat after 40 years in the slammer.


5. Cheesesteak and Old Bay Fries.


Can’t go wrong with a cheesesteak. Just a great go-to meal. Never fails. Best cheesesteak I ever had was at White House in Atlantic City. I’d probably jet straight to AC anyway, so this choice just makes sense. Gotta have fries with your sub, and fries are always better with Old Bay, not even a debate.


4. Chipotle Quesarito


Yeah, maybe Chipotle didn’t exist 40 years ago. No matter. There’d be no way you wouldn’t have heard the hype. Whispers in the jail at night about this new place called Chipotle, leaving you tossing and turning in your sleep, so you’d have to check it out. And it wouldn’t disappoint. Double barbacoa in your cheesy quesarito, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s time you find out.


3. Steak and the works


Probably the most popular pick out there. Gotta love a nice juicy steak, medium rare. Filet mignon, NY strip, prime rib,  you can’t lose. Mashed potatoes, jellied cranberry sauce, whatever homemade side you can name. One cut of steak is better than an entire vegetable lasagna after 40 years in the slammer.


2. Big Juicy Cheeseburger


As American as it comes. I’d imagine jailhouse burgers are like school lunch burgers but worse. That alone deters me from breaking the law. Those pieces of mush would make a greasy double BBQ bacon cheeseburger taste all the better.


1. Breakfast Spread


Not even a question in my mind. Best meal of the day. French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage links, biscuits, the list goes on. A tour de force of dynamite food choices. Pretty much the Skip’s Scramble from Arrested Development. After 40 years, my face would be buried so far in a breakfast platter I’d probably die of suffocation.