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I Hope The Tampa Bay Rays Organization Sleeps Well Tonight After Pulling The Most Crooked And Corrupt Move I've Ever Seen

As I'm sure you all know, the Cleveland Indians AAA affiliate and my hometown team, the Columbus Clippers, are currently up two games to zero in the GOVERNORS' CUP FINALS. We are just one win away from taking home our league record 11th championship. The city is buzzing. There's no one in Triple-A that can stop this I guess the soft Durham Bulls had to call up to the big leagues.

Wtf....? Don't tell me that he needs this. The most recent report I read said Snell feels ready to return, but the Rays just want to give him one more start to make sure he's ready. And that start just so happens to be in an elimination game of the championship series. What a coincidence...

Let's be clear that Blake Snell is currently the reigning American League Cy Young winner. This should be illegal to do. This would be like sending LeBron down to the G-League for the South Bay Lakers playoff run. Except here's the thing: at least the LA Lakers were already out of the postseason hunt. The Tampa Bay Rays are right smack dab in the middle of the Wild Card race!

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 9.04.49 AM

Oops, didn't mean to include the Red Sox in there. Disregard them. But the point remains that the Rays are right in the thick of a Wild Card race and they're letting their big ego get in the way. Words of wisdom to my friends down in Tampa: things can change very fast. It feels like just yesterday the Indians were up 6 games for the Wild Card, and now we'd be on the outside looking it.

So if this is what the Rays want to do, so be it. I thought baseball was a gentleman's game but I guess not. What comes around goes around. Cheaters do not win and winners do not cheat. This is bad karma for the Rays. Not what I would want with 15 games remaining...