Someone Is About To Have An All-Time #JersDay: Magic's Dream Team Jersey Expected To Sell For Over $150,000

I don’t know why but whenever I hear of these auctions for game-worn jerseys I just picture the scene in Entourage with Turtle’s cousin and Sandy Koufax. That’s who I’m picturing spending ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND real dollars on this.

Now, if you’re over the age of 30, you remember the importance of the Dream Team. It was awesome. You didn’t fully grasp what happened before and why we were sending this loaded superstar team. But, you knew that all your favorite players plus Christian fucking Laettner were teaming up. It also led to two of my favorite clips ever:

Now as a guy actually does collect jerseys – my goal is to hang in my basement my favorite jersey number 0-99 along the walls – it’d be dope to have a real one like this. I’m not paying $150,000 though. Absolutely not. I’d prefer not to pay $150. Shout out places that gave me a Santa Clara Steve Nash and Dream Team John Stockton jersey.

All I know is someone is going to have an incredible #Jersday (RIPIP)