Eating Birdseed And Talking About The Week 2 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

It’s Tuesday night, which means it is time to drop all the duds you drafted and replace them with guys that will definitely match or exceed their performances from the previous week. So Hank, Rone, Commish Big T, Mush, Coley, and myself broke down which performances we thought were real and which were flukes along with a riveting Rock, Paper, Scissors showdown.

Oddly enough, it appears that this is the week of the Browns. Not the team that got their dicks kicked in by the Titans on Sunday. But a whole bunch of guys with the last name Brown. Malcolm, John, Hollywood, and AJ. We also get into if you should use your waiver claims on guys like John Ross or Adrian Peterson, if TJ Hockenson is the real deal, how to proceed with Raiders after last night’s win, and a bunch of questions submitted by viewers in the chat.

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*I’m pretty sure once you have read more than 100 hours of fantasy football content, you can just start calling yourself an expert even if it means like 99% of fantasy players are experts

Oh yeah and I had to eat birdseed throughout the video because my first two draft picks with lower character than even an employee of the evil Barstool Sports got hurt and caused me to lose to the Mush.