David Ortiz Is Throwing Out The First Pitch At Fenway Park Tonight

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Boston Red Sox

Cat’s outta the bag. David Ortiz will be making his first public appearance since he sustained a near-fatal gunshot wound in the Dominican Republic this past June. He’s posted pictures taking his kids to school and being visited by a few players on the Yankees recently, but this will be his first time making a public appearance. Regardless of where the Red Sox are in the standings and the drama that unfolded on Sunday night, this will be an awesome moment.

I’m sure there will be Negative Nancy’s who will try to say that the Red Sox are rolling Papi out there as a distraction in the wake of the Dave Dombrowski firing, but for once, let’s all agree to just enjoy a great moment for what it is regardless of the timing. We were terrifyingly close to losing the most important player in Red Sox history just a few months ago, and tonight he’ll be on the mound at Fenway Park to deliver a first pitch before a Red Sox-Yankees game in Boston.

Welcome home, Papi!