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Alabama High School Removes Bathroom Stall Doors To Prevent Vaping

An Alabama high school has taken the drastic step of removing the stall doors in some of the boys’ bathrooms to keep kids from vaping in the bathrooms.

Wilson High School Principal Gary Horton in Florence, Alabama, says every day one of the students will sneak off to a bathroom to vape. And he says two weeks ago, a student was found passed out in a stall.

I’m confused. I just don’t understand how this solves anything. The thought of pooping with no stall door is far more traumatizing than almost anything in the world. I can barely poop when there’s someone pooping next to me. The image of seeing someone walk by your stall while you’re taking a dump makes me want to die. You need to have privacy while you poop. NEED. If you’re able to poop with no stall door you’re a fucking maniac.

And are we really that terrified of vaping? I’m going to be honest, if it meant putting stall doors back on I’d sign up for a goddamn metal detector. Put a camera in the bathroom. No stall doors can’t be a real thing. I flat out wouldn’t poop in school. I know there are a lot of people who already refuse to poop in a school anyway, but if you got to go, you got to go. This isn’t a civilized way to live. We live in a society. In societies they have stall doors in their bathrooms. End of story. Alabama, figure it out.