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Big Brother 21 Week 11 Power Rankings: Double Eviction, So Much Chalk

The most entertaining night in Big Brother, aside from finale night, is in the rearview mirror. Yesterday was Double Eviction Night and two houseguests walked out the front door in the span of about 45 minutes or so. First up, it was unanimously Jessica, who besides winning one HOH competition, really didn’t provide much in this house from a strategic standpoint. To be honest, kind of saw her going towards the route of Victoria from BB16 where she just floated to the very end with no chance to win, but with the way this season’s alliances are set up, it logically made sense for her to go.

So, we are left with 2 vs. 2 vs. 2. Three couples, pretty even playing field. But we knew there was a Final Four deal with Holly/Jackson/Cliff/Nicole, so upcoming was the biggest competition of the summer. In the quick turnaround, Nicole finally got over the hump and won the hockey puzzle HOH. The drama pretty much ended here, because you knew Tommy and Christie were going on the block. After Cliff locked up the veto, it was business as usual from there and Christie was FINALLY sent packing.

Overall, we haven’t seen many blindsides this season. In fact, each of the last three evictions have been unanimous. Aside from Cliff’s initial eviction before coming back into the game, there have been no more than two votes on the wrong side of the tally for the entire season. There have certainly been pros and cons to BB21, but intriguing evictions definitely are not one of them. There are only five houseguests left in the game, so let’s see where they stand with less than three weeks until finale night.

1. Holly (1)- She and Jackson have been running this game for about four weeks now, and nobody seems even remotely close to dethroning the duo. They’ve each won a pair of HOH’s and Michie has a couple of veto victories under his belt, too. And I have Holly at the top spot again this week for that exact reason. The more Michie wins, the more of a safety net Holly has because of his target becoming bigger and bigger. Remember, the biggest thing with crowning a winner is jury management, and she really hasn’t upset anyone.

2. Jackson (4)- As Michie said, he really didn’t want to win last week’s HOH, but he did the honorable thing in taking down Tommy to protect Cliff and Nicole. This shows a huge amount of loyalty, which is the positive. On the flip side, he is undeniably the biggest physical threat in the house remaining, and the other houseguests are going to try to take him out the minute they see an opening.

3. Cliff (2)- The Hogg Master’s “What The Bleep?” veto win last night was just his first competition victory since he re-entered the game in Week 4. In between those two comps, he has been relying on his social game 100% of the time, and to his credit, it has worked. Holly and Michie have a much better resume than him up to this point, so depending on what happens with this week’s HOH, he should at least dabble with the possibility of breaking up that Final Four. Up to this point, it’ll be tough for him to beat either of the players in that other couple.

4. Nicole (3)- She is still the favorite to win “America’s Favorite Houseguest” in my book. As mentioned previously, she finally broke through and won her first competition of the summer last night. Similar to her buddy Cliff, she is well-liked by everyone in the jury and the fans, but her resume still has a handful of empty areas. She needs to go on a mini winning streak to get rid of that hole.2

5. Tommy (5)- It was a tough week for Tommy Bracco. His partner in Christie finally got evicted, and the Broadway star is now officially out of allies. His only chance to advance this week is to win one of two comps over the next few days. If he doesn’t win HOH, he is a lock for the block. And if he can’t win the veto either, he will most likely be evicted on Thursday night.