Antonio Brown Reportedly Called Mike Mayock A Cracker Before Cursing Him Out Yesterday

So now we have reached the point where the Antonio Brown saga has brought in racial undertones with debates about the C-word (no not that one). What would happen if roles were reversed? Is being called a cracker even a big deal in 2019? Is saying Honky okay as long as you are talking about The Honky Tonk Man and his unbelievable run as Intercontinental champion for a record 64 weeks during the 1980s? Really exciting and fun stuff that people will rationally debate online!

No matter what the answers to those questions are, they are annoying questions that just made this story stay in the news for at least another 24 hours as Raiders fans and fantasy governors shake their heads. RIP In Peace to Antonio Bryant’s mentions right now.

What a beautiful masterpiece of chaos the Raiders have painted. Their big move last year was trading Khalil Mack while this year’s big move was trading FOR Antonio Brown. Al Davis is somewhere smiling down on this disaster right now.


Bonus Cracker Commentary:

Graham crackers are by farrrrr the most underrated cracker and should be mentioned alongside Ritz, Club, Wheat Thins, Triscuits, and all the others in the running for best cracker. It doesn’t matter the brand or if the flavor is honey or cinnamon. Graham crackers are a delicious cracker, even if they are technically a cookie/cracker hybrid. And that was today’s episode of Snackin’ Off.