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Detailing Coach O’s Heartfelt Relationship With The Sun

To get you ready for a loaded slate of college football tomorrow, Pardon My Take had a big-time recurring guest on the show today: LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron. The Tigers head down to Austin to face the Longhorns in one of the biggest games of the week. Although this game will be taking place under the lights in prime time, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter discuss the connection Coach O has with something that is present almost every single day in Baton Rouge, especially during the summer: the sun.

Mr. Cat: Speaking of day vs. night, when we came down to Louisiana and saw you a couple years ago, you told us that you run in the heat of the day every single day. Do you still do that?

Coach O: At noon, yes. High noon. I say the heat is our friend. In order to be our friend, we need to spend time with it. And so, I run every day, we love practicing in the heat. We’ve had some hot days here in Louisiana, so we are going to be very well prepared.

Mr. Cat: I love it. That’s like a different… Running, willingly going out for a jog in the middle of the Baton Rouge summer heat, that is some insanity and I love it.

Coach O: Yeah. Good stuff.

Mr. Commenter: So, you choose to make the sun your friend as opposed to competing against it?

Coach O: That’s right. I want it to be my friend. But in order for it to be my friend, I have to spend time with it.

Mr. Cat: (Laughing) You’ve got to get some quality time with that sun, let it know you’re just a friend of the heat.

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl - LSU v Louisville

What a legend. If this doesn’t make you want to run to the book and hammer LSU -6.5 tomorrow, I don’t know what will. Coach O and the Tigers will be ready. Unfortunately, his buddy, the sun, will be past its bedtime by the time things kick off in Austin. But while that hot, yellow star is getting some rest, it’ll be time for LSU to get down to business.

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