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Boban Marjanović Is The Next Great NBA Point Guard

Boban!! Man do I love me some Boban. I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t, the man is not only a hilarious gigantic monster but he’s also not that bad! His conditioning may be shit, he may not know how to defend the pick and roll, but those few short stints that he is able to play you can guarantee he’s going to give you something good. Maybe it’ll be dunking over 3 people on an offensive rebound without jumping where he looks like a man playing with children, maybe it’ll be a run of consecutive midrange jumpers that you at the time may think is a good idea to give him but then you realize Boban has real touch. Well now we have an entirely new beast that I hope to God the Mavs utilize this season.

Point Guard Boban

I mean look at that no look! You can’t tell me that’s not impressive to see. Just your casual 7’3 center out on the break looking like Jason Kidd or some shit. There are actual point guards in the NBA right this second that I am 100% positive cannot make this lob. I know if this was Terry Rozier that ball is thrown into the stands. I’ve lived it. All this play tells me is there is so much still unknown about the powers that Boban possesses. He’s starting to ramp up his minutes per game, he played a career high 13 last year, and his Per 36s are a cool 22.7/14.5/1.5 for his career. Guess who is #1 in NBA history in PER? Nope, not Michael Jordan, not LeBron James, the answer is Boban.

As awesome as that pass was, and as dominant as Boban was in Serbia’s win (2nd leading scorer), the real story here is how Serbia is steamrolling pretty much everyone they play. Jokic is doing his thing with another 16/10 in his 16 minutes, guys like Bjelica and Bogdanovic who are a couple of NBA guys are legit shooters, and then you throw in the Boban secret weapon and they’ve been by far the best team this tournament and don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. If the US ever plays Serbia I don’t know how they respond to a Jokic/Boban frontcourt. Something tells me Mason Plumlee may be a bit overmatched.

All I know is I need way more Boban and it’s good to see Serbia is giving him legit run. He played over 16 minutes in this game and now you see why, because every time he touches the floor he gives you something that makes you appreciate his greatness.