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Study Shows Vegetarians Have Higher Risk Of Stroke Than Meat Eaters

Vegetarians have a higher risk of stroke than meat eaters, researchers have found.

Oxford University scientists, who tracked nearly 50,000 people for 18 years, believe low intake of the vitamins from meat may cause the additional risk.

The academics found vegetarians and vegans had a 20 per cent higher risk of stroke than meat eaters.

This is equivalent to three more cases of stroke per 1,000 people over 10 years, mainly due to a higher rate of haemorrhagic stroke – which occur when blood from an artery starts bleeding into the brain.

Take that PETA you assholes!!!! Not only is meat NOT murder, it’s now officially a life saver.  Don’t wanna suffer a stroke?  Just fry up a slab of bacon.  Smoke a brisket.  Chow on a hot dog or 4.  Broccoli and spinach and all that is for the birds.  And I’m not talking about meat like fish and eggs and whatnot, I’m talking about real meat.  Man meat.  Meat from the flesh of slaughtered animals meat.

Can’t wait until PETA and their weirdo cult following try to spin this one either.  There is no arguing with science – not unless it fits my specific narrative, which “meat is murder” does not – so they can take their sad little anti meat rhetoric, shove it directly up their ass and go and sit in the corner.  Here’s a dunce hat you can wear while doing so too, PETA.

And just think about it:  If a little baby veal steak doesn’t get consumed, it expires and gets thrown away.  Ya know what that means?  The little baby calf died in vain.  He lived his entire short, miserable life chained to a pole and unable to move so for absolutely nothing.  So not only are we saving our own lives, we’re making the lives of animals everywhere worthwhile.  Animals like pigs and cows live to please humans and that is it.  Nothing else matters to them.

brb.  Gonna go pull a Jared Allen and hunt some elk with a spear and eat the entire thing with my bare hands, my brain depends on it