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Rick Ross Took So Much Codeine That He Had A Seizure And Shit Himself In Bed With A Groupie

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PEOPLEIn Rick Ross‘s new memoir Hurricanes, the star gets brutally honest about his tumultuous life — including his headline-making health battle last year…and some of the scenes — from his terrifying recollection of being the target of a drive-by shooting to the 2018 seizure that caused him to be hospitalized for four days — are extremely graphic.

In his book, Ross, 43, opens up about abusing codeine — a prescription opioid medication used for cough and pain relief. Between using large amounts of that substance along with alcohol and other drugs, the rapper began suffering debilitating seizures, the worst of which came last year.

Lot of people think that shitting yourself in public is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to you, but Ricky Rozay (BAWSE) just put a new spin on that:

Shitting in bed with a woman on top of you while foaming at the mouth and needing Tomcat and Short Legs to take you to the hospital while the paparazzi are following you on a mission to sell Rick Ross-with-poop-on-himself pictures to every media outlet in town.

Here, in an exclusive excerpt for PEOPLE, the rapper (who says he no longer uses codeine and is living a healthier lifestyle) reveals the shocking details of what transpired while at home with entourage members on the day of his most severe seizure:

“I’d caught a cold the day before and had a bad cough. I’d been taking DayQuil and using Vicks VapoRub all day. When I went to bed that night I had a seizure. But I didn’t come out of it the way I usually do. My breathing was all f—ed up. At around 3:30 in the morning the girl I was with went downstairs and told Tomcat I had s— myself and was foaming at the mouth.

A few minutes later I was able to get myself out of bed. I still wasn’t breathing right but I got into the shower to clean myself off and try to get myself together. When the paramedics and police arrived I had Tomcat turn them away. I’d been through this before. I’d be straight. But then I started coughing up blood in the shower. That had never happened before.

At that point Tomcat said I needed to go to the hospital. Short Legs came and took me to the closest one, where the doctors discovered I had aspiration pneumonia. Something had gotten into my lungs while I was having the seizure and caused an in­fection. I was sedated and hooked up to a breathing machine.”

Thank God Ross was okay.   The rap game needs him.  They don’t call him the Teflon Don for nothing – nobody can stop him, not 50 Cent, not seizures, not shitting himself.

Also, as a side note, kind of weird to just drop this little nugget (no pun intended) on everyone – usually when celebrities write books it’s because their career has dried up and they need the cash to keep the repo men off their cars, so they fill it with exaggerated and/or straight up made-up stories about celebrities they fought with/fucked/watched fuck/did drugs with.  Ross is still very much at the top of the biz and just dropped an album that debuted at #2.  So why’d he do it?

For the kids.

And as for why he’s being so candid about his life’s ups and downs in Hurricanes, Ross says it’s to inspire at-risk youth to dream despite their circumstances, like he did.

“As a kid, nobody ever came to me to say, ‘Man, you don’t know your multiplication but you could still become richer than anybody who ever went to this school,’” says Ross, who also details growing up in the tough Carol City neighborhood of Miami Gardens, Florida.

It’s all about the kids.  Those dumbasses eating detergent pods and shit.  Cut it out idiots.  That’s how you end up seizing and pooping yourself.

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