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LeBron Has Ruined The Once-Proud Lakers Franchise So Bad Former Teammates Said It's Worse Than Living In Lithuania

Listen I’m not going to sit here and pretend I like the Lakers. Outside of the Celtics and Sixers I probably hate the Lakers the most. Always have, always will. But one thing I do love is the history of the game. It’s what has helped make the sport where it is today. So how can I sit here and be happy about this? Make no mistake about it – this shift happened last year.

Josh Hart is out here saying Lithuania sounds like the Lakers. Lithuania! Not even the cool parts of the Baltic country. And sure he’s comparing the two. But faces say more than words here. This is a man who would have rather been LiAngelo Ball and playing in Lithuania and living over there.

You know, I just can’t picture why they’d sit here and compare the two:

And this is just in the past year! Josh Hart has always been a happy go-lucky guy since his days at Nova. He’s not one to be saying his locker room reminds him of a gloomy ass place.

It’s just a shame to see a historical franchise like the Lakers be known as Lithuania. Actually an insult to Lithuania – they’ve been more successful in basketball lately. Something you just truly hate to see.