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The Superfans Are Back Again To Have A Conversation With Brett Favre

Bears 100 has apparently brought the Superfans back full time.

I know they’ve been around here and there throughout the years, but two times in a week is really a coming out party for the boys. First it was Peyton Manning and now it’s Brett Favre.

There might be some people in the city who don’t like the Superfans which is doesn’t make sense to me. It’s a joke which is also kind of true. It’s one of the most famous skits SNL has ever done whether you like it or not so I choose to embrace it. I obviously share some characteristics with Bill so that could be a reason as to why I’m supportive, but whatever.

This video itself was okay. I enjoyed the keto diet part as well as them incessantly shitting on Brett Favre, but overall I enjoyed the Peyton Manning baptism more.

At the end of the day though, just get me to this fucking game tomorrow.

Bear Down.