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Giannis Clearly Has His Sights Set On World Domination

Greece v Montenegro: Group F - FIBA World Cup 2019

Now that FIBA competition has officially started, there have been a number of current NBA players that have looked pretty good. For example Evan Fournier is second in the tournament in scoring at 26 a game, Delly and Dennis Schroder have looked solid so far, Jokic is flirting with triple doubles, Satoransky looked like he could have the Bulls snag an 8 seed, the list goes on and on. Well one thing we’ve also seen is complete and utter domination from Giannis sine the exhibition games first started.  He has the look of a player that very well may put his entire country on his back and run through this entire tournament on his own. To say he has looked unstoppable doesn’t even quite do it justice either. You have to see it for yourself. It’s like a man playing with children and what he is doing while playing short minutes is so goddamn terrifying.

Take what he did in their 85-60 win against Montenegro. Granted, nobody is called Montenegro a basketball powerhouse, but they do have Nikola Vucevic who was an All Star player last season. Well in 15 minutes Giannis put up 10/8/1/2/2 and was a +15. That may seem impressive just by reading the line, but then you watch the tape and it takes it to another level

It makes sense that if Giannis was able to walk through actual NBA competition and do whatever he wanted, that things would most likely continue in international play against competition not even close to as good. But look, this is like some prime LeBron walking through the East every year type of domination. There’s a reason Greece suddenly has the third best odds to win gold because people are realizing there might not be a way to stop this dude. Just wait until Greece takes the governor off and we see Giannis playing 25+ minutes a night. I thought he was a little crazy when he announced he was going to play for Greece this summer, but now I see maybe it’s because he knew there wasn’t a person alive who could keep him from winning gold.

So far, he’s been right.