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The First Summer Basketball Footage Of Gordon Hayward Has Finally Arrived

All summer whether it was Danny Ainge or Brad Stevens we heard bits and pieces about how Gordon Hayward has been at the facility all summer. Quotes left and right about how he’s looking good and really is focused on getting back to where he used to be for next season. And yet, in a day and age where every goddamn NBA player puts out their own summer workout highlight video, we’ve had no such thing when it comes to Gordon Hayward. I mean not one leak. No open run footage, no pro ams, no nothing. It’s honestly all I’ve wanted since the season ended. The reason is simple, make no mistake, this whole thing the Celtics plan on doing for the foreseeable future relies on Gordon Hayward. This is his first offseason 100% healthy, the one we all were willing to grant him while he worked his way back from injury.

If the result of this healthy offseason is a Gordon Hayward that looks much more like Utah Gordon Hayward, that raises the Celtics ceiling. That’s an All Star level wing/playmaker that can be that #1 or #2 option on a contending team. So much of what next season will come down to will depend on what version of Hayward they get. If it’s last year’s version, well we know what that looks like for this Celtics team. So you’re damn right I am forever grateful to Robyn Hayward for taking this video and giving us what we crave. That outside shot looks pretty damn smooth to me, something that needs to be much better than the 33% we saw last year. That shit was second lowest percentage of his career.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to send us off into Labor Day weekend. This footage did the trick but now I need more. Need to see a live game action dunk or something. Two more months, we can make it