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Big Brother 21 Week 10 Power Rankings: Prank Week in the Books

Christie worked her magic again and survived another eviction. That’s the biggest takeaway from this week. We all thought last week would be the end of her, and when she survived that, her game was still on life support. She was put on the block this week as well, but the fallout from the “Taco Tuesday” incident paid off big time. Nick was sent home via a 5-0 unanimous vote, and we are now down to just seven houseguests. The way to break it down is pretty simple. Three power couples… and Jessica. To the power rankings we go:

  1. Holly (Last Week: 1)- She said her top priority this week was sending Nick out the door, and Holly of course got that done. There was a small hiccup in the process though, as Nick was coincidentally “America’s Prankster,” which allowed him to put up one nominee (Christie). But if you look at the game she has been playing, from both a competition social standpoint, it’s filled with a nearly flawless resume. The clear favorite to cash in on $500,000 in a few weeks.
  2. Cliff (2)- Mr. Dealmaker keeps on living by that strategy, and it has gotten him all the way to this point. Might as well keep rolling with it. His newly formed Final Four pact with Nicole, Holly, and Jackson seems very legit. And if this quartet continues to power through in competitions, this Final Four could become a reality. Cliff clearly isn’t a comp beast, but his social game has been A+ up to this point.
  3. Nicole (3)- Her game has been very similar to Cliff’s. Not strong when power is up for grabs, but she stays out of the drama at the game’s most heated moments. That’s the key to this game, and what we’ve seen from past winners. It seems as if some people forget the houseguests you send out the door are the same ones will vote either for or against you to win Big Brother at the end. If Nicole is sitting in the Final Two, the jury will have a hard time holding a grudge against her.
  4. Jackson (5)- I had Michie dead last in these rankings just a couple of weeks ago, and wow has he totally flipped his game. To be honest, I think the elimination of his bromance partner in Jack was best thing that could have happened to him. Of course, they didn’t end on the best of terms, but think about what has happened since then. He and Holly have been 100% in charge of this game. Of course, his physical threat status has certainly been enlarged, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in this endurance competition for HOH. Would it be best for his game to throw it to bury that stereotype for a bit? Perhaps.
  5. Tommy (4)- I dropped Tommy this week just because of his strong affiliation with the game’s biggest target in Christie. But luckily for him, she is still in the game. And for as long as that’s the case, he will continue to be a secondary target. This duo ran the game just a few weeks back, and they NEED the power back in their hands ASAP, especially with the aforementioned Final Four that they’re not a part of in play.
  6. Christie (6)- As I mentioned off the top, she did what she needed to do to continue to have life in this game. It may not have been pretty, but the grittiness she has shown over the course of the last few weeks is what this game is all about. As long as Julie Chen doesn’t say you’re evicted, anything can happen. She or Tommy need to win HOH this week, or Christie will be playing from behind once again.
  7. Jessica (8)- Zingbot’s roast of Jessica this week: “Jessica, with the game you are playing this summer, fans are already planning a convention in your honor. They are calling it Snooze Fest. Zing!” Fair enough.

Next week’s episode is by far the best each summer: The Double Eviction. In the span of one hour (real time), two houseguests will get the boot. This time next week there will only be FIVE people remaining. A lot to unravel next Friday.