Dwight Howard Has Responded To Shaq's Tweet And It's Not What You Were Expecting

Wait, is it possible Dwight is actually evolving? That all the bullshit about him finally “getting it” and not being a distraction could be….true? I mean old Dwight 100% plays into this Kobe/Shaq drama. He does his usual bit of becoming an unneeded distraction. We have a history of his clap backs to Shaq so it’s only natural to think he was going to take this latest shot and run with it. But it seems like he’s actually taking this last chance seriously. Remember, he’s been warned

It was weird how Shaq threw Dwight into a back and forth with Kobe, seemed like a dick move at the time and but all of us on the internet we were all pretty much a living Birdman gif

waiting for this to escalate. To get a mature, rational, normal response from Dwight is certainly not something I saw coming. I guess when you’re on the verge of being out of the league that’s enough of a wake up call to not play into the bullshit. It’s one thing if Shaq and Kobe have this “beef” on the internet, they’re retired. Dwight is on a non-guaranteed deal whose career is on life support, makes sense that he’s on his best behavior and doesn’t blow this opportunity before training camp even opens.

For those of us who are rooting for a circus, this wasn’t exactly what you want to see. This whole saga has been pretty lame when you think about it, so let’s hope whenever LeBron/Rondo start to hate Dwight during the season it actually gets much more juicy.