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Thoughts On Justin Bieber Becoming A Pastor?...Because It's Actually Happening

Source - Justin Bieber’s played hundreds of concerts for millions of people, but it took him years to work up the courage to lead worship at his church … and he made it count.

Bieber hopped onstage with the worship band at Churchome in Beverly Hills Wednesday night, and poured his heart and soul into leading the congregation in song.

The pastor, JB’s buddy Judah Smith, gave some backstory on what led to the big moment … saying Bieber’s always been a worshiper, but the time had come for him to use his immense talent to guide everyone in praising God.

Justin tells the church it’s taken him a long time to do so because he doesn’t want the expression of his faith to look like a show.  No one seemed to mind. 

This is it. This is the first step in becoming a pastor. After this all he has to do is evade his taxes, extort his daughter over an alleged sex tape and get a reality show on TLC. Then he’s free to start his own mega church. I would’ve liked to see him go the cult route, it’s easier to get people to do what you want that way, but I get it, the framework is already there. Hillsong is well-respected establishment with a loyal following. Who’d have thought preaching positivity over eternal damnation would actually work?

If I’m Bieber I’m riding this train as long as I possibly can. He just has to be prepared to play the hits every once in a while. You can only sing ‘Glory To God In The Highest’ so many times before people are going to want you to bring out Ludacris for the Baby remix. Can you believe that song has 2.1 BILLION views on YouTube? Oh well. Just goes to show that if you’re twinky enough, anything can happen. Even priesthood. Take it away, father!