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Patrick Kane Is The Most Clutch Player In The Game, Per Stats

We are at the point in the calendar where I start to get the shakes from missing hockey and when the season ends in April because your favorite team missed the playoffs again that feeling only gets more intense. That feeling leads me to look anywhere I can for Blackhawks news, coverage, highlights, etc. Today…it was reddit and this statistic

88 clutch gene

This is one of those statistics that stop you in your tracks even though you already knew it was true in your gut. Patrick fucking Kane. When the stakes are at their absolute highest and the lights are at their absolute brightest you can turn to Kane for lifeline or dagger. Every playoff game is important. I am of the opinion that anything you do in the playoffs is considered “clutch”. It’s not like Kane is waiting to show up later in series. He’s on it from the word go. Kane is basically a point per game player in the playoffs for his career. 0.97 ppg in the playoffs when the other team is doing everything in their power to stop him. The toughest matchups. The hits are finished, the clutching and grabbing and stick work is higher. There is virtually no space in the playoffs, but all Kane needs is a sliver. He’s great every night. And then when it matters most he goes from 0.97 to 1.4. That is really incredible. And stat nerds try to say that the clutch gene doesn’t exist. Fuck outta here. Not only does Kane have it, but it flows through his whole body.

And you know what…he’s better now than he was back in 2015. That is why I am so desperate for the season to start and for this group to get back in the playoffs. I know in my heart of hearts that Kane would’ve found a way to beat the Flames in the first round last year if the Hawks snuck in. This team is getting closer to being back, but time is also running out. We need the playoffs NOW. We need more memories from Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews before memories are all we have. This is the year. Toews-Kane 2020, let’s go