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It Appears The Beef Between Shaq And Dwight Howard Is Alive And Well

Ah yes the old Shaq vs Dwight beef. It’s your typical stupid NBA beef that shouldn’t even be a thing but because it involves Shaq it’s fantastic. It basically all started around Shaq’s Super Man nickname YEARS ago

and for whatever reason these two have been at it ever since. Again, it’s a stupid thing to beef over but this is the NBA, it thrives on stupid beefs. Well even after a few years went by Shaq just couldn’t let it go

When asked about the whole thing Dwight didn’t really have the best response

“[Shaq] said something online about the whole rings situation. He got rings, I’m not in his league and all that stuff. But if that’s your only way to come back at all players, then you really don’t have too much to say.”

Howard has his own theory about why Shaq might not like him: insecurity.

“I think it’s a little insecurity on his part because people call him ‘Superman’ and they call me ‘Superman.’ But if I’m an older guy and it’s younger players that are being compared to me and they have that same nickname, I want to feel good about it.”

About his relationship with the Hall of Fame big man, Howard said he doesn’t like it, but has to finally say something.

“I just think it comes off to me as a little bit insecure when you’re taking shots at somebody that’s 10, 12 years younger than you.”

Which brings us to today’s clip. You would think that after even more time has passed and now that Dwight is back with Shaq’s beloved Lakers he would have a change of heart. Nope. There’s nothing more disrespectful than pretending you don’t know someone exists. We all know Shaq knows who Dwight is. Credit to him for not taking the bait and remaining a true professional while also throwing some quality shade. That’s a man that has been in the shit talking/beefing business for decades

To be honest I thought this whole thing was settled, but as someone who can’t get enough of stupid NBA beefs I’m glad it’s alive and well. I cannot wait for Shaq to kill Dwight on Inside The NBA if he struggles with the Lakers and this whole thing gets cranked up a few notches during the year. I am ready for the Lakers circus and having Shaq stir the pot at the helm of it is the perfect scenario.

But seriously, Shaq will always be Superman and was weak that Dwight tried to get on that train. So far in my lifetime Shaq may be the most dominant player we’ve ever seen