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Andrew Luck Getting Booed Off The Field Is More Shocking Than Him Retiring

Off the top of my head Andrew Luck retiring out of the clouds is one of the more – if not the most – shocking sports stories in recent memory. Number one pick, the most can’t miss quarterback since Peyton, Elway 2.0, all of it taken off the table after a successful season about to enter a new season with a hopeful fanbase. Gone. Poof. But to me it’s nowhere near as shocking as Colts fans booing anyone, anywhere, at any point for any reasons. These are the same people who didn’t boo when that fake punt fiasco happened. They didn’t boo Dave when he trolled them to their faces and actively tried to make them hate his guts. They’re midwestern, salt of the Earth people who have little to no hate in their hearts.

Unless you retire because the toll of playing quarterback and rehabbing for years has finally caught up to you, leaving you physically and mentally drained, just searching for a respite to catch your breath and assess what’s happening in your life and the world around you. Then you can get the fuck on outta here and catch these boos posthaste.