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The First Trailer For The Breaking Bad Movie "El Camino" Is Released

Okay I wrote about this a couple days ago that the Breaking Bad movie has already been shot, per Bob Odenkirk aka Saul Goodman

In the blog I went into why I wasn’t positive if I even wanted a Breaking Bad movie because the show ended so goddamn perfectly.  There have been many times a movie or TV show has one too many sequels, prequels and spinoffs where it kinda just gets to the point where it’s like, “okay man enough is enough.”

Well this trailer was all I needed to see to be sold hook, line and sinker.  I’m in.  And it’s going to be fucking great.  Give me all of the Skinny Pete, Badger, Jesse and Saul storylines.  Hell I could even do with a Walt Jr. breakfast scene or two. Inject it all directly into my blood stream.