NY Giants Prop Bets


Nobody cares about preseason finales. Whatever questions hanging over the Giants aren’t gonna be answered tonight in a series or two. Instead, let’s make some money. Bovada released player & team prop bets – here’s my take on everything G-Men:

Over/under Eli Manning’s passing yards: 4,100, passing TDs: 26 ½ & INTs: 15 ½

Big Blue’s two biggest offensive threats are wideouts, Rueben Randle’s primed to make some noise, Brandon Meyers racked up 80/800/4 with shitty Carson Palmer, the offensive line is a mess & the ground game is led by a pair of newbies. I smell 2011 all over again. The yardage should be a slam dunk over. I’ll bank on the over for scores & picks too just based on volume alone.

Over/under on David Wilson’s total rushing yards: 950 ½ & total rushing TDs: 6

Wilson’s the ultimate wild card. He & Doug Martin were supposedly the top two backs in the 2012 draft (*whoops – sorry, T-Rich) – if that proves to be true, the Giants could be an offensive force. Still, he’s not expected to be an every-down back out of the gates. Andre Brown is gonna be the thunder to Wilson’s lightning. I think 6 trips to the endzone is right on the money, but even if he gains a respectable 4.5 yards/carry, will he tote it enough to close in on a thousand? I say no, but barely. Under 950 ½.

Over/under on Hakeem Nicks’ total receiving yards: 900 ½ & receiving TDs: 5 ½

I see what you’re doing, Vegas. Set the numbers so low to remind me how fragile Nicks is. How he’s an annual lock for a lower-body injury & has been struggling with his groin already. But this is a life-changing year for #88. He’s playing for that extension. 900/5 or less means he missed significant time again and, although you can’t always help it, Nicks can’t let that happen. Will he play a full season? I doubt it. But he won’t be out there as a decoy like he was for a chunk of last season, either. Over & over.

Over/under on Victor Cruz’s total receiving yards: 1,050 ½ & receiving TDs: 8 ½

I feel like this is a trap too. 1050 yards & 8 TDs would be career lows. Last year, Cruz got off to a hot start but didn’t see double-digit targets after getting trucked against the Steelers Week 9. Still beat these numbers. All reports say his heel will be good to go in Dallas, so combine that with an unproven running game & I’ll take the over on yards. I’ll go under on scores with Eli spreading the wealth to guys like Randle & Meyers.

Over/under on Justin Tuck’s total sacks: 7 ½

Easiest under in the world. Where did Bovada get this number? I’m all for a Tuck resurgence, but the dude hasn’t dropped more than 6 QBs in 3 of the past 4 years. Plus, I expect DaMonster to see more snaps as the season goes on & leave Tuck with less opportunities. Free money here.

Eli Manning MVP – 33/1

Uhhh…no. I love the little retard, but Eli will never have a 5000/40 season that’ll beat out Rodgers, Brees, big bro, etc. 33/1 ain’t enough for me to piss away the cash.

Over/under on New York Giants’ total wins: 9 (+110 o/-140 u)

Hammer the over. I predicted 10 wins when the schedule came out and I’m not backing down. Outside of the division, their road games are cupcakes and they get the Vikings & Seahawks away from their homes. Only way they win less than 9 is if Eli dies.

Playoffs? Yes -105, No -125

10 wins = playoffs, obviously.