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Gregg Popovich Running Away From An Australian Reporter For An Interview Is Peak Pop And I Couldn't Love It More

This is about as peak Pop as we’ll see. Sure you might say him being grumpy and sarcastic with reporters is peak Pop, but I say completely running away from an interview is. You know what? I love it. I love it so much. Don’t give the opposition any help. The US plays Australia again tomorrow morning, so Pop and the US should see every Australian as the enemy right now. That’s just smart.

Can’t say I’m surprised with this gazelle like speed. We’ve seen it before from Pop

This is the beauty of Popovich. He’s one of the only coaches that can get away with something like this. It’s him, Belichick and like Saban. That’s it. They are the only ones that can be assholes to reporters and it doesn’t matter because they are too damn successful.

Nice recovery by the reporter too. He got shut down right away. Couldn’t even finish asking Popovich for a word before he was out of screen. He goes right to the grumpy comment. That’s a veteran in the being denied game and you gotta respect that.