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Michigan HS Football Player FINALLY Gets Ruled Eligible To Play This Year After Being Disqualified For Being Too Smart... Literally


After a enduring a controversial saga that appeared to have ended his high school football career, MLive has received word that Walled Lake Western High School wide receiver Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen has regained his eligibility to play football this season.

After the MHSAA deemed Yaseen ineligible to play after ruling he had exhausted his high school eligibility The controversial saga surrounding Yaseen evolved from when Western school officials reported to the MHSAA that Yaseen had taken freshman-level courses while being homeschooled as an eighth grader. The MHSAA reviewed the issue and ruled that Yaseen was ineligible because he had exhausted all eligibility according to the MHSAA Handbook

I wrote about this story a few weeks back because it’s the most non-NCAA NCAA story of all time.  But long story short, this kid, Abdur Rahmaan Yaseen randomly got deemed ineligible to play his 4th year of HS football because he took a few too many AP high school classes as an EIGHTH GRADER and as a junior, completed enough course work to have been considered graduated.

Didn’t matter that he was only 17.  Didn’t matter that he’s maybe going to be his classes valedictorian.  Didn’t matter that he’s got great standardized test scores.  Nope, none of that matters.  All that matters is he can’t play football because he took one too many smart classes as an 8th grader because that’s what smart kids do: they focus on academics.

This whole saga was pretty disgusting.  He’s going to Northwestern next year and Fitz and Co. had his back through the entire process, but to the adults in charge who denied not one, but two appeals before finally ruling him eligible on his 3rd attempt should be ashamed of themselves.  Losers.  Way to make the student athlete experience about everything other than the “student” part.  I fucking hate people sometimes.

Oh, and this kid is a stud too.  Fantastic body control and route running.  Not some high end, explosive athlete but he’s going to be a really good player for NU.  Was a pretty sought after recruit too:

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 7.02.09 AM