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So I know the running joke for years here on Barstool has always been “I saw this on Reddit first” and all the commenters think that we “steal” all our material from Reddit. Truth be told I have absolutely no idea how Reddit really works. I never used it up until a couple weeks ago. But what I do know is that Reddit absolutely dominates the internet and all the stuff you see on any site, anywhere, originates on Reddit. Anything that makes it to the front page of Reddit goes super viral. So the next step for Barstool’s content to ever really spread like wildfire and take us to the next level is to get tapped into the Reddit scene.

I know a lot of Stoolies probably aren’t big into Reddit, but I’m sure a lot of you are. So take a look at the Barstool Sports Subreddit and the KFC Radio Subreddit and get involved. Think of it as a giant comments section, except and Up and Down Vote system that actually works. If you’re a Stool commenter you might as well sign up with your commenter name now, because eventually the Stool is gonna be all over Reddit. Ask questions, leave comments, post links. Whatever you’d like. We’ll probably do some Ask Me Anythings (AMA) like Pres did last year and get involved, but right now its brand new. Pretty raw. For the most part its really a forum for Barstool users to interact about all things Stoolie, so think of it as your own playground to say and do whatever you want. There’s no banning. No restrictions. For the Stoolies by the Stoolies in the Wild Wild West of the Internet.

Go nuts, you animals.