Check Out This Basketball Mixtape for Chris Lykes, a 5'6" High School Freshman Who Tears it Up

I am a huge fan of Barstool and have lived in the DMV my whole life. I was so glad that you got to have a DMV section and I tune in daily. I produce sports videos, you guys posted my miracle lacrosse goal that went viral a couple years back. This is the best freshman in the country, there is very little video out on him. There was Mugsy Bogues, Spudd Webb, and now Chris Lykes. If you know hoops like I think you do you will appreciate this kids game.


Been emailed this a few times today, including from the guy who made the video. Apparently Chris Lykes is all the rage in local high school hoops. Playing on Gonzaga Prep as a freshman and tearing it up. Absolutely wiling out about him. Can’t blame them either, at one point he takes it to the hoop and changes the ball position 100 times before laying it in. And I think 5’6 is a stretch. Pretty sure if he was actually 5’6 this kid would be dunking. He’ll be dunking soon though right? Gotta be.