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If You're Going Golfing In The Poconos Any Time Soon, There's A Good Chance Your Cart Gets Commandeered By A Group Of Unruly Children

Just picture it. You’re wrapping up a round of golf with the fellas. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself because you finally broke 100. You even hit a few fairways off the tee. Not as many on the back 9 since that’s when you really started drinking, but somehow your short game actually ended up getting a little better as you got drunker. Maybe it’s just because you weren’t so tense anymore, or maybe you just started to find your stroke. Either way, it was a pretty successful day out on the course. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself as you’re returning your clubs to your car before hopping back into the clubhouse for a few post round beverages. And that’s when it happens.

You see the kids from a distance. You think to yourself “god I hope they have some sort of adult supervision because a group of little snot-nosed brats that big can really get out of hand in a hurry”. You’re getting closer to your car and you realize that the group is also getting closer to you. Kind of weird but you still don’t really think much of it. Then once you get to your car, they swarm. You’re trapped. There’s no getting out of this unscathed. Teenaged kids are the absolute worst to deal with and they’ve got you completely surrounded. They don’t care that you don’t work there. They don’t care that your clubs are still in the back.  They want the cart and they want it now. Just like that, you went from having a pretty nice day out on the course to having to live out your own hybrid version of Children of the Corn and Captain Phillips. Terrifying to say the least.

After a run-in like that, you’re allowed to shave at least 4 or 5 shots off your final score.