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Lucas Giolito = ACE

Baseball season is winding down and the last storyline of the year is whether or not the Sox will call up Madrigal and Robert.  Well that, and the White Sox have a legit ACE on their hands, courtesy of the Washington Nationals.    It’ll be insanely tough, but I’m hoping he can rattle off 4-5 more starts to wrap up 2019 and make a run at the Cy Young.  Not impossible, though the chances are slim to none with what Verlander and Cole are doing in Houston.  At worst it’s something to watch for the rest of the year.

At this point he HAS to be the comeback player of the year.  He was, by his own admission, one of the worst pitchers in the game last year.  Maybe even THE worst.  I mean… he had more walks than strikeouts through about 75% of the season last year.  That and he had a 1.48 WHIP.  For a starting pitcher that is nothing short of abysmal.

But he didn’t wallow away in his own stink and took it upon himself to improve.  And I’m not embellishing when I say this, I’ve never seen a pitcher go from so bad to so good in one offseason.  It’s incredible to watch in real time.  I was the first to say he stinks last year and now I’m in his corner for good.  He’ll take home some non–first place Cy Young votes this winter and hopefully better.  Massive shout out to him.  Shutting out two of the best offenses (the Astros and Twins) in one year is an incredible feat.