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Get Bob Costas on the Phone! "Cheeky Cherokee" Halloween Costume Causing Controversy


WLOS - 30-year-old SaDonna Wright says after looking at Halloween costumes depicting Indians as some kind of dress up joke, she’s had enough. “This year I saw a ‘Cheeky Cherokee’ costume and it was a somewhat scantily clad girl and that really offended me because the Cherokee do not dress that way.” Wright who is half-Cherokee feels the costume is demeaning to all Cherokees. “I go into Halloween stores and see Native American costumes and it always upset me because no matter what tribe you’re from, it’s a race of people, and it is not a mythical creature such as a fairy.” While some feel Wright is taking the holiday costume too seriously she compares it to African Americans who once had to endure Caucasians putting on shows dressing up in black-face. “You don’t walk into a costume shop and find African-American costumes, because that’s very wrong and we’re past that as a society,” Wright said.

Slutty Pocahontas season is upon us! Move over slutty cat, THIS is what I want to bring back to the teepee. Should be this year’s top seller, 100%. The costume everyone wears is always whatever really annoying thing is big in the news that year. And I haven’t gone 20 minutes without hearing about the Redskins name change, so this is sure to be the hottest thing since everyone was the joker. If I don’t see Bob Costas’ smug face lecturing me about Cheeky Cherokee on Sunday, than he is a fraud and a half.