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PETA Wants To Ban Pregnant Women From Wing Eating Contest Because Eating Wings While Pregnant Leads To Sons With Small Dicks


BUFFALO, N.Y.The Queen City is known for its wings and the National Buffalo Wing Festival. However, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is asking organizers to ban pregnant women from participating in the wing eating contest that’s part of the festival. PETA officials point to research from the Study for Future Families. “A study has come out that says when women consume chicken while pregnant, there’s actually a chance that their sons will have smaller than average penises,” said PETA associate director of campaigns Lindsay Rajt. PETA also says the study shows babies could be born with blocked arteries due to high cholesterol in chicken meat. Meanwhile, pregnant women in Western New York were surprised by the news. “I think that it’s silly. I ate poultry when I was pregnant and I have two children and they are perfectly fine,” said North Tonawanda resident Heather Albert. “They really never said anything about what to eat, and what not to eat. Just told me to be you know cautious of certain things and make sure I eat stuff so I won’t have low iron,” said Buffalo resident Candice Stewart. “I’ve never heard of that at all as far as like a man having small areas because of their mother or the women eating chicken wings,” said Buffalo resident Shawn West. YNN reached out to several Buffalo doctors for their expertise but many declined to speak on camera. Some say they would prefer to listen to their doctor instead of a study. “If my doctor says I need to watch my eating then I’ll listen to the doctor. I’m not going to listen to PETA who claims it has defects,” said Wheatfield resident Krystle Socha.

PETA just straight up making shit up now, eh? Resorting to flat out lying about all sorts of stuff to try and stop people from their God given, innate cravings to eat meat. Hey PETA! You stupid motherfuckers! There could be a direct link between eating buffalo wings and giving birth to fucking retarded kids and absolutely nobody would stop eating wings. You know why? Because buffalo wings are fucking delicious. If you told me right now buffalo wings made me impotent and bleu cheese led to blindness then I’d walk around the rest of my life with a noodle dick bumping into shit. As would every other guy out there. Thats how important wings are. So if you think a crop of baby boys with small peckers is gonna stop the buffalo chicken industry, you are sadly mistaken. People love buffalo chicken more than they love their son’s cock. Thats just a fact.