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Another Day, Another Former White Sox Pitcher Popped For Drug Smuggling

(Fox News)

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Octavio Dotel and infielder Luis Castillo — each of whom played 15 seasons and won a World Series ring — were reportedly arrested in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday in connection with a major sweep targeting a drug trafficking and money laundering network.

The fuck is going on with mid-late 2000s pitchers on the White Sox?  As a reminder, 2003 Cy Young runner up Esteban Loaiza was busted for smuggling coke a year and a half ago, just weeks after he was mingling amongst Sox fans at Soxfest.  Like I remember thinking to myself as he was talking to random fans, “hey that’s Esteban Loaiza.  Wonder what he’s up to these days?  He had a few nice years”.  Legit 2 weeks later he was popped.  Hate to see it.

Now we got Octavio Dotel pulling the same shit.  He was actually good over his career as well.  He was a journeyman that played on 13 teams but was solid for a good while as a late inning, high leverage guy.  Stats were pretty damn good, all things considered.  Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 1.04.08 PM

Next we’re gonna hear that Bobby Jenks is Heisenburg and Jose Contreras is Scarface or some shit.  Hey White Sox pitchers!!!