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Aaron Paul Breaking Bad Audition Tape

At this point every Monday the internet is absolutely flooded with Breaking Bad stuff. Which is fine by me. I didn't even need to open up Youjizz today. I just watched Aaron Paul audition for Jesse Pinkman instead. I've only got 5 more weeks to soak up as much of this shit as I can before its over. Keep it coming, interweb. These videos are all old but it looks like the Aaron Paul one is circulating around a lot today, and its the first I've ever seen of any of them.

Pretty funny that Aaron Paul screwed up the scene at the one and only time the phrase “Breaking Bad” is actually mentioned. But its awesome to see where Jesse Pinkman started. Marie's audtion might be the most boring thing I've ever seen. I feel like she did the scene and they were like “So, can you wear purple? Yes? Ok the gig is yours.” Looks like they didn't even tweak Hank one shred from Dean Norris' audition – thats the way his character has been every episode from day 1. And Skyler…well looks like from before the first episode even aired they wanted people to despise the shit out of her.